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  • Top of the day to my Ebony family! !! JJJJJJDDDDDD!!!! Hi honey!! Loved that interview with Terri Lyons... Love her jam I am Lion.. Will love to hear it please... Just one request for now...

    ‎Nikki Jr Gong Marley‎
  • Cheerleaders Yeah.......Heading out from the west......Good morning Mr Don Mora blessings to you and yours its a beautiful Wednesday morning enjoying the music as usual.......Cause you know We doh business.....Have a Great Day.......

    Michelle Tinto
  • Hi Adrian... Latina Moda Grand Bazaar is locked ON!!!!

    Gillian Greigg-Mitchell


Entertainment News

Entertainment News

40 Calypsonians to head to Skinner’s Park at Calypso Fiesta 2017. Forty calypsonians have been selected for the semifinal round of the Calypso Monarch competition on Saturday at Skinner Park. They will be vying for 16 spots at the Calypso Monarch finals on Dimanche Gras night. The defending champion is Devon Seale. Each calypsonians will […]

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